Sunday, December 19, 2010


Every single day something happens where I say, "I really should blog that"; but alas, I never do. Well, I am tired of saying that and depriving the world of the satirical entertainment that is my life. It will become my mission to share every story, complaint, wacky event or delicious goodness that is Twinkies with you, my dedicated readers.

Before I can tell a story about anything you will need to know a few things about me. Take everything I say here at face value as there are no hidden meanings or embellishments, this really is me exposed (in the open way, not the wanker swinging sort of way). If you don't like what you read here... well, I don't care; keep reading anyway.

Read on to the first post - "Mr. Joseph, Profiled and Exposed" - It is well worth the read and will start your journey into my life...

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