Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don't worry, it's marked for you...

I got my absentee ballot in the mail the other day and, before I send it back, I thought I would share it with you. Why you ask? Because it is completely stupid. I mean seriously, could a ballot possibly be more skewed or geared toward the mentally inept that shouldn't be voting in the first place?

Just to be clear, this is not a political post; this is simply calling out some serious foul play - we are talking Lindsey Lohan crotch foul here. I don't care what your political affiliation, you don't deserve to be Lohan crotched. Period.

Take a look at the ballot and you will quickly notice that the Obama and Romney ticket are listed twice. Twice! No other candidate is listed twice, why do these two get double booking? Foul one.

Next, take a look at the labeling - they are no longer just Democrat, Republican, etc., they now have secondary listings of Conservative and Working Families. WTF?! Why do these two get the additional labels and who decided who gets which one? This is clearly trying to influence the vote by labeling candidates for uninformed voters. Foul two.

Next, why the hell did they add cartoons to the ballots (this time I mean actual cartoons and not the candidates for once)? I guess to add insult to injury, they decide to give the democrat ticket a big black star indication "this is the correct choice". Combine that with the "working families" label and I fail to see how anyone would choose any other option; after all, we are all working families and we all like selecting the correct answer.  Cartoons don't belong in elections. Foul three.

Have a look:

No matter who you are for this should bother you (especially if you are for one of the candidates that are only listed once). To me, the biggest issue is that the election is no longer about values, goals or informed opinion, it is about manipulating the vote of those that are most the most desperate, in the most need and will be hurt the most by the potential outcome. Four four - Lohan Foul!

I don't care who you vote for, just vote your heart. If you know nothing about the candidates, learn something before you vote. Don't sacrifice your livelihood by voting for quips, common terms you associate with or cartoons; vote your reality.

(FYI - a democrat created this ballot; not judging, just saying. OK, I am judging a bit.)

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